27 january 2023 | 1 min.

innovations in fire-resistant systems

Ponzio has launched a new fire-resistant product: a PE78EI external casement window in the EI30 class with high thermal insulation (Uw = 0.9 W/m2K – for a window with reference dimensions). The system has been equipped with bi-component insulation and fire-resistant inserts with increased thermal performance and triple glazing with a total thickness of 60 mm. The product, which has been successfully tested, does not differ visually from a standard PE78N window. The innovative solution featured in this product, in addition to the high thermal insulation, is the hybrid Winkhaus hardware. The standard perimeter hardware ensures that the window is locked and secured against weather conditions during normal operation. The introduction of 3 additional mechanical latches and a door closer results in the 'latching' of an open window in fire conditions. 
The used solution has also significantly improved the cost-effectiveness of the end product.