5 july 2023 | 1 min.

making an impressive entrance!
Ponzio PE96 PIVOT

- a modern system of external double-sided panel doors featuring a nonstandard method of opening. The vertical axis of rotation is shifted in relation to the edge of the leaf, which causes the door to rotate rather than turn. The functioning of this mechanism, dedicated for very high and heavy leaves, makes a huge impression. Pivot doors are an ornament and a symbol of luxury both at a hotel and an exclusive residence. They are used in representative buildings where prestige, unconventional style and perfect user comfort are important. They are designed to create elegant entrances to buildings, inviting you to enter the elegant interiors. 
The Ponzio PE96 PIVOT system was developed on the basis of the warmest door system, Ponzio PE96 (featuring excellent thermal parameters: Uf as low as 1.04 W/m2K). It is distinguished by large construction dimensions – up to 4000 mm door leaf height and leaf weight of up to 500 kg! The system has a wide range of solutions: single and double doors, opening inwards or outwards, with possible sidelights. The "floating panel" solution greatly reduces of the "bimetal" effect. 
The wide range of design possibilities allows any finishing, even "shaping" of the door surface. As a result, these doors are often unique, one-of-a-kind constructions.