Ponzio patio doors – best weathering parameters

31 december 2021 | 1 min.

ponzio patio doors – best weathering parameters

Ponzio has implemented a new patio door system which has achieved very good results in watertightness (1050 Pa) and air permeability (class 4 – highest possible) testing. Apart from exceptional weathering, which distinguishes this product on the market, the system features very good thermal insulation. This means that the new solution not only provides the widest possible connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, which is important in the summer, but also provides year-round protection against the elements.
The Ponzio PE78 FOLD system enables the assembly of large dimensions, multi-sash structures – maximum sash height is 3.5 m. Opening the door creates a wide space between interior and exterior spaces (usually a patio or pool) that are used seasonally. The doors may be inward or outward opening. Bespoke hardware provides end user comfort. Concealed trolleys and minimalist hinges ensure great aesthetics. Folding patio doors are used not only in residential buildings, but are popular in public spaces, such as restaurants, cafes and hotels.